About “The Farm”

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After ten years of groundwork, assembling a 653-acre parcel of land and designing a sound master plan, we are poised to create a resilient, ecologically conscious, and beautiful community development — “The Farm”.

In contrast to green space-oriented housing developments that offer residents the amenities of a golf-course, “The Farm” offers the beauty, convenience and health benefits of a functioning sustainable farm. Additionally, the community is built upon sustainable, closed-loop use of resources, while featuring traditional neighborhood aesthetics.

This is an idea whose time has come!

Following in the footsteps of other “Development-Supported Agriculture” projects like the Serenbe Community in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, Greenmoore Village is designed to balance the needs of today and tomorrow, in a way that renews oft-forgotten lessons of our more self-reliant and socially connected past.

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A New Kind of Community

“The Farm” represents a chance to put the “community” back into community development—in a way that makes sense for the 21st-Century world.

Laid out across the beautiful rural landscape of Central Pennsylvania, the Master Plan for the project combines three key elements that contribute to a uniquely vibrant and regenerative residential experience:

• Community Supported Agriculture – Our established business, Greenmoore Gardens sustainable farm, serves as the foundation for a resilient, locally engaged community where residents can enjoy fresh, healthy food grown on-site.

• Sustainable Technology – From building construction to energy generation to water use, our design incorporates cutting-edge solutions for closed-loop systems, eliminating waste and creating self-sufficiency.

• Traditional Neighborhood Design ­– To restore the American soul from the horrors of bland, cookie-cutter development, we offer a variety of housing and lot choices, along with amenities that promote a resilient, connected community.

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Many people are familiar with the traditional agricultural landscape of the Appalachians and Central Plains but must choose between the benefits of a rural lifestyle or the amenities of an urban center.

Located 10 minutes (by car) outside State College, PA, “The Farm” offers a beautiful rural landscape that’s just a stone’s throw from the buzzing, thriving, multi-cultural town that is home to Penn State University’s main campus.

The recent passage of a State College Environmental Bill of Rights speaks to the desire of its residents to extend and protect basic rights and freedoms – tenets that should be supported by all communities beginning with their infrastructure.

Greenmoore is also less than half a day’s drive from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, and New York City.

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National Green Building Standard Certification

As of this writing, “The Farm” is one of just 25 developments in the United States currently under review for National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certification, and the only Pennsylvania-based development in in this group.

Sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), NGBS is a rating system that awards anywhere from one to four stars for mixed use and residential land development based on sensitivity to the environment.

Developed according to the current Master Plan, “The Farm” will be a four-star community, supporting the highest ranking the NGBS can award.