Vegetable Handbook

This vegetable index and collection of recipes was made specifically for Greenmoore Gardens CSA Members.   It is our hope throughout this index to provide you with information on each of the veggies/fruits you have in your box each week – as well as provide a few tips and recipes to help you enjoy them.

The Index is organized by family so as to get you better acquainted with plant relationships.  We’ve also arranged an alphabetical index for quick reference.

For each vegetable, you will find detailed information on growing,
harvesting, and cooking each vegetable with pictures so as to help you identify them if you’re having trouble.  If you still can’t identify the produce, just ask one of the farmers at Greenmoore, and we will be happy to help you!

We’ve provided growing information to help you understand the processes that occur in order to get a specific vegetable to your kitchen.  You will also find storage and cooking information.  And as mentioned above, we’ve searched for recipes online and added cooking tips to help on your quest to become more familiar with new cooking techniques for new vegetables.   Please let us know if you have any questions or if you try a recipe you’d like to add to our future handbooks!

Enjoy, and thanks for farming with us!

Click HERE to access the Vegetable Handbook!