Our Farm

Who are we?

Greenmoore Gardens is a locally owned and operated Community Supported Agriculture Farm which is located on Buffalo Run Road (Rt. 550) just outside of State College, Pennsylvania. We grow our vegetables using sustainable methods, which means we do not use any form of modern synthetic inputs in our farming methods. We do not use any type of synthetic fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, nor do we grow any foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or are processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives.

In these times of rising food and fuel costs and uncertain futures, Greenmoore Gardens produces vegetables of quality and in quantity to make our farm your “one-stop” vegetable source.

Mission Statement:

Greenmoore Gardens aims to provide fresh, nutritious, high-quality sustainably grown produce to our local community.  We believe in working with other farmers, community members, and educators to create a more sustainable food system and future for our community, and are proud to be part of the greater movement to strengthen local food security in the face of a faltering global food system.

Every year, we host educational events for our community such as vegetable gardening workshops, natural arts and crafts workshops, and herbal medicine making.  Please visit our Calendar for upcoming events.