1. How do I get to the farm?
  2. How do I contact the farm?
  3. Where do I pick up my share/Farm Pick up Procedure
  4. What if I miss a pick up?
  5. Can someone else pick up my share?
  6. Can I visit the farm?

How do I get to the farm?

The address is: Greenmoore Gardens, 193 Eagle Field Rd, Port Matilda PA, 16870

Directions from downtown State College

  1. Head NW on North Atherton St
  2. Go straight through the Valley Vista intersection and take the I-99/US-322W/US-220S ramp
  3. Take the ramp towards Grays Woods/Waddle/Rt 550
  4. Take the ramp toward Rt 550/Waddle
  5. Stay straight to go onto Skytop Mountain Rd
  6. Turn left at Rt 550 (Unimart on the left, blinking yellow traffic light)
  7. After 1.6 miles, turn right onto Eagle Field Rd (Greenmoore Gardens sign)
  8. Turn left at the mailboxes (also signposted)

You will see a barn with a large Greenmoore Gardens banner.  Turn right into the parking lot.  Our Share Room and pick ups are in the bottom story of the barn.  Follow the path to the upper story of the barn to reach the Farm Office.

How do I contact the farm?

Email:  greenmooregardens@gmail.com


Office: 814 237 8987

CSA Manager: 814 237 0082

We conduct most of our correspondence through email.  We check our email regularly, and will make every effort to respond to your email the same day.  If you prefer to use the phone, please use the office number for general inquiries and information.

Where do I pick up my share/Farm Pick Up Procedure

We will be continuing the Market Style pick up at the farm this season.  If you have specific questions concerns about the Market Style, please refer to that section of this FAQ page.

You will find that our produce will be displayed in the share room.  When you arrive, you will give the staffer your name, they will check you off of the checklist. You may pick up an empty box and then proceed around the room, filling it with your share of the vegetables.  Each item will have a sign denoting how much of the item you can take, depending on your share size.  Some items will have number and others will need to be weighed.

We will have the vegetables laid out in such a way that by starting at one end,  you will be putting the bigger and heavier items in first, and then the delicate items like lettuce or tomatoes in last.

At the end of the pick up there will be a trade table where you can exchange items from your box.  There will also be some ‘free choice’ items, often items that we don’t have a lot of or are ‘seconds’ that you can add to your share.

Egg Shares will be at the main table and will be given out by the staffer at the end of your pick up.

What if I miss a pick up?

Any left over shares at the end of a pick up are placed in our walk-in cooler, located in the Share Room at the farm.  We tend to label the shares that include eggs or other special items.  The regular shares will not necessarily be labelled, but any information about them will be written on the white board on the door of the walk-in.

We hold shares for no longer than 48 hours after the pick up, and you are welcome to come to the farm anytime between 8 am – 5 pm to collect your share.  Please contact us in case of this situation.

Can someone else pick up my share for me?

Yes.  Please let them know what to expect upon arrival and have them be sure to give the name associated with the share.

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely! We encourage our members (and non-members) to come met our farmers and spend a few minutes or a few hours. We hope that everyone can make it out at least once during the season! Especially for at least one of our fun events!  One of the benefits of being a CSA member is that you get to know who your farmer is and where your vegetables are coming from.  It is a great experience just to walk around the fields and see first-hand what our farm is like.