Market Style Pickup Location

Greenmoore Gardens CSA shares can be picked up at our farm:

Greenmoore Gardens CSA – Fridays 4 pm to 7 pm – Market Style Pickup
193 Eagle Field Rd. off Route 550 toward Stormstown.

We are happy to be offering a Market Style Pick Up this year. The Market Style Pick Up is gaining in popularity among CSAs and has several benefits to both the members and the farmers.  Members get the chance to walk along our displays of produce and choose their own to take home in their share box, while the farmer doesn’t have to spend as much time boxing shares and can focus more on growing your vegetables!  It also gives members a chance to spend a little more time at the farm, meet the farmers and be a little more involved in their own CSA.  There may also be Pick-Your-Own options for items like raspberries or cherry tomatoes.

In order to ensure that there will be enough of each item for everyone, we will have limits on the amount that you can take, items that you must take, or a choice between two items.  Please read the examples below:

  1. Take up to 1 lb of potatoes
  2. Take 1 bunch of leeks OR 1 lb of onions
  3. Take 1 cabbage
  4. Take 1 pint raspberries OR Pick Your Own quart of raspberries
Please refer to our FAQ page if you have questions.